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What makes Hansem’s Production for Southeast Asian Languages Unique?

Hansem recognized the potential of the Southeast Asian market and established an office in Vietnam in 2015. We have been directly providing language services specialized in Southeast Asian languages from there ever since. Prior to 2015, it was difficult to find companies with up-to-date localization technologies and professional expertise in Southeast Asia, unlike in North America or Europe. The biggest challenge for us was finding LSPs that could use the wide variety of computer-aided Translation (CAT) tools and QA tools that we required.

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For this reason, we wanted to establish a production center in Vietnam, hoping that we could pass along our expertise and know-how in the localization services that we have been building for over 25 years to a new branch. We also hoped to build a strong production so that we could provide reliable and high quality Southeast Asian language services for our customers.

Although it was difficult for us to adapt to a new culture and customs and build a strong local team in the early stages, we have managed to differentiate ourselves from the local LSPs with our top tier management process.

For example, Hansem Vietnam has been successfully meeting the localization and language quality requirements of Alibaba, a company which is famous for its strict and highly demanding standards. Alibaba’s acceptable error rate is below 0.03%. It has been great working in the field of e-commerce to gain experience meeting the demanding requirements and covering content that ranges over a wide variety of industries. In general, most translation projects can only have their quality maintained once you have secured the expertise in the appropriate field. However, e-commerce deals with a much greater scope of goods, requiring the translators to be highly informed on a wide variety of goods and services. We have thus been able to gain a great deal of experience taking on a new approach for a new kind of task.

Our Vietnamese production team divided the content into different fields, such as automobile parts, industrial equipment, chemical products, cosmetics, or accessories, and assigned the work to translators with expertise in each field. Moreover, through the QA process for term suitability with the glossary of terms we built, we have been able to provide continuous and stable translations because we can guarantee the use of appropriate terminology. In addition, since the source content written by the e-Commerce sellers were not written by professional writers, inevitably there were many errors. Naturally, we corrected all errors and made use of our tools to recraft the target sentences, making them ideal for marketing.

Now, the highly demanding localization managers of Alibaba are constantly requesting high volume translations, recognizing Hansem Vietnam’s know-how and reliability in providing excellent quality in the translation of Southeast Asian Languages. We look forward to seeing our Vietnamese office continue to grow strongly in the future.

About Hansem Global

Hansem Global is an ISO Certified and globally recognized language service provider. Since 1990, Hansem Global has been a leading language service company in Asia and helping the world’s top companies to excel in the global marketplace. Thanks to the local production centers in Asia along with a solid global language network, Hansem Global offers a full list of major languages in the world. Contact us for your language needs!