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Where are your office?

Hansem Vietnam is based in Ho Chi Minh city of Vietnam.
We also have offices in South Korea (Headquarter), USA, Japan, Myanmar, and Thailand.

What are your office hours?

Since we are in multi-countries, we can cover multi-time zones, 24/6.

Do you work over the weekend?

Weekend work can be arranged in advance.
Our resources are available at your service anytime.

Is Hansem Global or Hansem Vietnam ISO certified?

Yes, we are fully certified with ISO 9001, 27001, 17100, and 18587.

How do you select your translator?

We carefully select our translators based on the requirement of ISO17100. Once they comply with ISO17100 requirements, we assess their samples and our linguistic proficiency test. KPIs are fluency, accuracy, on-time delivery, responsiveness, CAT tool proficiency, etc.

What other languages other than Asian languages do you offer?

Hansem Vietnam offers service for more than 70 languages to cover most of languages in the world. We are specialized in South East Asian languages but are capable of handling non-Asian languages as well. Please access the link below and fill in your request.

How do you ensure quality?

In addition to full TEP process to comply with ISO17100, Hansem Vietnam implemented additional LQA step to ensure the quality in our translation. After running CAT-based QA and spell check functions, additional QA check may be performed in xBench or QA Distiller to ensure our error-free translation.

How can I receive a quote for translation?

If you are interested in receiving a quote for translation, you can either:

Our project coordinators will contact you as soon as possible.