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Hansem Vietnam is proudly back in full swing, operating at 100% capacity after navigating the challenging landscape of the COVID-19 pandemic. We couldn’t have this successful comeback without our dedicated and talented freelancers, the backbone of our success. To express our appreciation and provide valuable insights, we recently hosted our second Freelancer Day 2023, a virtual affair powered by the wonders of online platform.

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On December 23rd, despite the physical distance, the virtual gathering exuded warmth and enthusiasm, showcasing the enduring connection between Hansem and our exceptional freelancers, transcending geographical boundaries.

The event started at 9:30 am with our CEO, Mr. Il-hong Kim, who welcomed the freelancers with a heartfelt welcome and gratitude for their contribution in 2023. The baton was then passed to our event host, Ms. TuongVi, who recapped Hansem Vietnam’s achievements in 2023 and honored the top 5 outstanding freelancers for their hard work.

To enhance our freelancers’ skills and provide valuable support, we curated two presentations alongside some engaging activities. The first presentation, led by Mr. Anh Le, focused on “Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Translation Process”. This segment serves as a comprehensive guide for freelancers to navigate online CAT Tool platforms more seamlessly and efficiently while working on translation projects. Additionally, it provides valuable tips on resolving issues related to termbase, style guides, or internet connectivity to enhance the overall translation process.

The second training, led by Ms. TuongVi, centered on Mastering Translation Excellence: Identifying & Rectifying Common Errors”. While our freelancers are undoubtedly talented, Ms. TuongVi addressed common errors made in 2023 and provided insightful examples. Plus, she gave tips on avoiding these slip-ups using CAT Tools’ integrated features. Before the training ended, Ms. TuongVi added an interactive quiz titled “Translation Errors and Where to Find Them” with freelancers enthusiastically participating for exciting bonuses. We believe that armed with this knowledge, freelancers will significantly reduce the occurrence of errors.

The final presentation was conducted by Mr. Anh Le, which was “BM Introduction”. Brace yourselves because, in 2024, we’re taking things up a notch with Plunet, our internal management system. No more drowning in a sea of emails – all projects will be recorded on the system, making tracking and checking a breeze.

To ensure everyone was on the same page, we wrapped things up with a Q&A session that left no stone unturned. We had freelancers covered from all angles – questions, issues, support, advice – you name it. And six freelancers with the most intriguing questions walked away with some sweet bonuses.

As the virtual curtains closed on Freelancer Day 2023, a sense of accomplishment and shared joy lingered in the digital space. Despite the online format’s challenges, the event showcased the resilience of our partnership. At Hansem Vietnam, we hold the deepest gratitude for all the freelancers who have been pivotal to our success throughout 2023. Your unwavering dedication and hard work have undeniably made a significant difference.

If you’re a freelancer seeking a reliable and supportive translation company to showcase your talents, we invite you to share your CV with us at cs_hsvn@hansem.com. We value the unique skills you bring to the table. Together, we’ll build on the foundation of our shared achievements and create even more remarkable milestones. Cheers to the exciting road ahead!

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