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Celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Hansem Vietnam

My name is Suzie, and I am a member of Hansem Vietnam. All the talk about the global pandemic has probably stressed everyone out. Therefore, in this blog, I want to focus on a little celebration that took place last Friday – Hansem Vietnam’s 6th Birthday!

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November 29 marked the 6th anniversary of Hansem Global establishing its Vietnam branch. To celebrate this special milestone, Mr. Kim Il Hong, our general director, and the Admin team prepared a meaningful gift for the staff: a customized tumbler. One side of the tumbler is engraved with the name of the staff member, and the other side says, “Congratulations on Hansem Vietnam’s 6th anniversary.” This is such a unique and thoughtful idea from our Director, as it is the rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City. It will really come in handy and keep us hydrated.

Not only that, we also got to enjoy some traditional Korean dishes full of delicious meat and fish. Later, during our tea break, we got together again to try out some cake and smoothies. It was such a fun day. The lockdown period has changed the way we interact with each other. Even when the whole team was back at the office, we still had to limit physical contact and direct communication. We had no idea how much we craved social interaction until we got together and laughed over some jokes while enjoying meals together. Team members have spent the past 2,190 days working together to nurture Hansem Vietnam. We are no longer mere colleagues. We have become good friends who are always ready to support each other, no matter what comes our way.

Picture 1: Hansem Vietnam Review Team.

Picture 2: Hansem Vietnam LQA Team & LPM Team.

Last but certainly not least, I would also like to send the most heartfelt thanks to Mr. Kim. He really put a lot of care and effort into organizing this celebration. I wish all my fellow staff members another 365 days of happiness and health as we accompany Hansem Vietnam into the future.

Picture 3: Our General Director- Mr. Kim Il Hong with the celebration cake.

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