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HansemEUG in Vietnam

As the global economic recovery continues, many international companies are looking to expand their operations by entering new and emerging markets. One such market is Vietnam, with many multi-national firms investing in the country due to its economic potential and growth rate. The Vietnamese government has offered support to these foreign corporations, which operate in fields such as construction, real estate and resource development.

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In addition to government support, overseas businesses are also looking to capitalize on the increased spending power of Vietnamese consumers. According to Nielsen’s ‘Vietnam Consumer Trend’ study (May 2015), there will be 3-4 times more middle class families in Vietnam by 2020, which will lead to a rise in household income. As the middle class grows, there is likely to be a sharp rise in the sales of tech goods, especially in large cities. In line with such a global trend, HansemEUG set up its branch in Vietnam on October 5th.

In principle, our Vietnam office aims to handle all Southeast Asian languages internally. Hiring translators for each language and providing regular training will help improve the quality of our content in Southeast Asian languages, as well as ensuring complete internal confidentiality to offer peace of mind to our clients.

It is obvious that the role of the Vietnam office will get only bigger as the Southeast Asian market continues to grow!

Now check out some pictures of our Vietnam office and staff members.

Staff at the opening ceremony of the HansemEUG Vietnam branch From left to right: Vu, Hang-hee, Thi, Pham, Phi, Me, Deputy Chief Jang-yeol

HansemEUG logo at the office entrance

Staff in action in the office

Meeting room

The office is located in Ho Chi Minh City, which is the economic capital of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City has an ever-growing population and many of its residents choose to get around the city on a scooter. During the rush hour, there are long traffic jams as scooters fill the streets of the city.

Morning rush hour

Evening rush hour

Every day here still feels strange (in a nice way) as I try and get used to everyday things such as the local coffee, and overcome the language barrier during lunchtime. However, as I get more familiarized with the country, I can feel increasingly close to it.

I hope to bring you more news of the Vietnam office soon.

For more information about our services in Vietnam, please contact briancho@hansem.com or visit our website.

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