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Google Translate can be a great help when you travel abroad and need to have a quick conversation with the locals. ChatGPT comes in handy when you encounter an article written in a language you do not speak. Many other “machine translators” break down the language barrier so that you can shop, chat, and join social media platforms internationally.

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Nhu Vu

How convenient! But… is the quality of those machine-generated translations trustworthy?

Machine translation has constantly been improving but is still far from perfect. I would say that this is an era in which humans and machines have to work hand in hand to produce an adequate final product with an optimal price and TAT. In fact, this type of collaboration is becoming increasingly popular among LSPs under the name “machine translation post-editing,” or MTPE.

So, what is MTPE?

MTPE, or machine translation post-editing, is a process by which a source text is automatically translated by an engine, and the work is then revised by human translators. This process combines the unparalleled speed of machine translation with the deep linguistic/cultural knowledge of human editors.

Let’s have a look at an example of the MTPE process below.

It’s true that “blackouts” can be translated as “mất điện” (power outage) or “ngất xỉu” (faint). Still, in this medical context, the latter is clearly more suitable. Google Translate failed to notice this, and it’s the human editor’s job to fix this mistranslation.

Benefits of MTPE

One might argue, “Wouldn’t it be safer to rely on a human linguist for the translation step to ensure a usable target with minimal revisions needed?” While this traditional approach is still widely preferred by many language service providers (LSPs) for confidentiality and quality reasons, the MTPE process also has advantages.

Things to notice in MTPE projects

The biggest concern of MTPE projects is the target quality, which varies from engine to engine. Fortunately, we human translators have some tactics to control that quality.

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