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How do I register to become a freelancer for HSVN?

If you are interested in applying for a freelance position, you can either:

  • Access the link below and register as a Freelancer.
  • Send your CV to cs_hsvn@hansem.com with your language of interest and proposed service fee.

Our resource coordinators will contact you for further steps.

Do I need a passport to apply for a freelancer?

Yes, if you are not from Vietnam, we need your passport ID to fill in the Master Agreement and conduct the payment.

Do I get to pay for the sample test? How long is your sample test?

The test is free of charge and will be approximately 350 words.

How long do I hear back from you about the sample test?

Typically, it will take us one week to process and evaluate your test.

How do you select your translator?

We carefully select our translators based on the requirement of ISO17100. Once they comply with ISO17100 requirements, we assess their samples and our linguistic proficiency test. KPIs are fluency, accuracy, on-time delivery, responsiveness, CAT tool proficiency, etc.

What are my chances of getting projects if my target language is less prevalent?

Regardless of your target language, we encourage you to register to work with us. Hansem Vietnam provides services for over 70 languages every year.

If I have more than one target language, do I have to be qualified twice?

Yes, our sample test is for one language pair only. Therefore, if you want to offer services for multiple language pairs, you will need to take as many tests as required.